• How to Change the WAAS PRN Selection on Pro 700 Displays

    This video shows the process of changing the WAAS PRN on Case IH AFS receivers through a AFS Pro 600 or AFS Pro 700 display. PRN 135 began WAAS transmissions on April 26th, 2022. PRN 138 ceased WAAS transmissions on May 17th, 2022.

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  • Kim Built By Farmers

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  • Made By Farmers

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  • Introduction to the new AFS Connect Optum series tractors

    The redesigned cab of the AFS Connect Optum series tractors is larger than previous models. The new cab brings with it more space, lower noise levels, improved vision, and superior sound system with subwoofer. The new tractor comes equipped with suspended front axle and cab suspension plus a semi-active air-ride seat for a comfortable ride.

  • Case IH TwinePro Knotting Technology

    See how the Case IH TwinePro(TM) knotting technology results in stronger bales and no twine cutoffs for a safer feed!

  • Case IH Rotary Cutters

    From private estates to public municipalities, livestock farms and recreational land, there's a Case IH rotary cutter to suit your situation.

  • Case IH Steiger Quadtrac: Celebrating 25 years of Track Leadership

    Mitch Kaiser discusses the evolution of the Case IH Steiger Quadtrac and how it has become the leader in track technology.

  • AFS Connect Steiger - New Remote Valve Couplers

    The AFS Connect Steiger tractors, model year 2021 and newer, feature all new vertically aligned hydraulic valve couplers designed for greater ease of attaching and detaching and improved hydraulic flow.

  • USB Prescriptions with the AFS Pro 1200 Display – Import and Set Up

    Walk through how to import and set up your prescription on the AFS Pro 1200, found in AFS Connect Magnum, AFS Connect Steiger or AFS Connect Optum tractors. This video takes you through the steps to import a shapefile prescription from a USB device, set it up the on your AFS Pro 1200 for a 2000 series Early Riser Planter. To import and setup a prescription for another implement (seeder, tillage, etc.), you would follow a similar process.

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