Case IH Farm AFS Connect™ Steiger® 620

Case IH Farm AFS Connect™ Steiger® 620 for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho

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Case IH Farm AFS Connect™ Steiger® 620 for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho



More Technology, More Comfort, More Power, More Efficiency
Each day in agriculture delivers new challenges and opportunities. You need a tough, reliable machine that sets the standard for high-horsepower tractors. For nearly 70 years, Steiger series tractors have helped producers like you get more from the job in demanding conditions. With the more power, efficiency and comfort than the competition, plus the power of AFS Connect, we’ll help you find new ways to maximize your yield potential and return on investment, while minimizing your fuel consumption, work hours and stress.


The Right Configuration For Any Operation

The AFS Connect Steiger tractor can be configured to fit your operation no matter how demanding the application. With new tire and track options that provide more traction on the soil with less compaction.

Heavy-Duty Wheeled
High-horsepower row crop tractors deserve industry-leading fuel efficiency for maximum productivity. With reliable power, advanced hydraulics and an industry-best turning radius, no job is too tough.

Available on all AFS Connect Steiger models


When traction and agronomic advantage are essential to your operation, the AFS Connect™ Steiger® Rowtrac™ tractor is the right choice. Rowtrac models provide 50/50 weight splits for low ground pressure to increase yields, plus can easily maneuver through fields for post emergence work.

Available on the AFS Connect Steiger 420, 470, and 500 models


25 years of industry-leading track technology can be found in every AFS Connect™ Steiger Quadtrac® tractor, which features four individually driven, positive-drive oscillating tracks. Designed to maintain constant contact with the ground for a smooth ride, superior floatation and optimal traction. Plus, we’re still the leader in innovation and tech in four track design.

Available on the AFS Connect Steiger 470, 500, 540, 580 and 620

The AFS Connect™ Steiger® tractors excel at the construction site, moving more material at the lowest cost per yard. Available in wheeled or Quadtrac configurations.

Available on AFS Connect Steiger 500, 540, 580 and 620


Time is Precious. Make the Most of It.
Whether you are in the cab or 300 miles away, you can connect to your AFS Connect Steiger tractor. From remotely monitoring your Steiger tractor to seamlessly transferring data to and from the tractor to trusted strategic partners — the AFS Connect Steiger sets a new standard for what connectivity and productivity can mean to your farming operation. Plus, all new AFS Connect Steiger tractors come with a five-year subscription to AFS Connect allowing you to more easily visualize the information you collect.

Remote Capabilities
Added connectivity helps to maximize uptime and keep operators in the field via the following support features available in the AFS Connect Steiger.

Remote Display Viewing
No matter where they are, a farm manager or dealer can request permission to see exactly what the operator is seeing on the screen in the tractor cab.

AFS Connect™
​The AFS Connect portal is a gateway to the AFS Connect Steiger series tractor. It allows you to precisely manage your farm, fleet and data anywhere from a computer, phone or tablet.

Current field operations, fleet information, agronomic data and more.

Selected agronomic data — down to the field level — with trusted third-party partners of your choosing

Your data is securely transferring to and from the cloud

System Components
Three new system components enable you to configure precision farming functionality and tractor systems the way you want

AFS Pro 1200 Display
Our new 12 in. display features great visibility in all lighting conditions, easy Bluetooth® pairing to link a mobile device, and remote display viewing to connect operators with farm managers.

AFS Vision Pro Operating System
Familiar and easy to use like a phone or tablet. Configure the AFS Vision Pro operating system as you see fit, using technology to customize the tractor to your operating preferences.

AFS Vector Pro Receiver
Streamlines guidance correction options, ranging from base (WAAS and AFS 1) to medium (AFS 2) to high (RTK and AFS RTK+) accuracy levels.


Fuel-Efficient Engines That Maximize Power
8.7 - and 12.9-liter AFS Connect Steiger series tractor engines - powered by FPT Industrial, one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers - provide industry-leading fuel efficiency while maximizing power.


  • Up to 692 peak-horesepower
  • 8.7- and 12.9-liter engines with FPT technology provide power and leading fuel efficiency
  • Up to 14 percent power growth to maximize performance in the toughest conditions.



  • SCR only technology provides simplified emission compliance.
  • Exclusive engine brake option



  • Patented Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) only meets Tier 4 B/Final emissions standards
  • No engine regeneration is required, so you can stay up and running all day long.



  • SCR-only solution continues to perform in the field with hundreds of thousands of engines in operation and counting.



Efficient Power in Any Application
With two industry-leading transmissions to choose from, Case IH can deliver the optimal choice to match the requirements of your operation.

  • PowerDrive Powershift Transmission: Proven 19-speed full powershift transmission delivers ultra-smooth shifting and power transfer for the field or road, allowing for maximum productivity.
  • CVXDrive Continuously Variable Transmission: Built for simple operation, the CVXDrive™ transmission delivers the exact speed for your operation without compromise.



The World at Your Fingertips

The completely redesigned MultiControl Armrest provides advanced, customizable yet easy-to-learn control of your machine. Fully adjustable fore/aft and up/down for comfort.

  • Encoder Dials- Easily make adjustments to hydraulics. The encoder acts as a mouse for the AFS 1200 display and controls phone, radio and HVAC functions.
  • MultiFunction Handle- Control 95% of tractor functions all in one spot. Includes 4 customizable hotkeys.
  • Electro-Hydraulic Remote Levers- Color-coded levers can be programmed for different users.



Simplicity Meets Unsurpassed Luxury
Engineers at Case IH started with a clean slate, then used years of research and input from our most qualified experts: you. The result is an interior finished with automotive quality materials and designed to provide an in-cab experience like no other.

Storage & Visibility
The redesigned cab has more storage space and cup holders. Additional monitor mounts keeps your tech organized. Cab-surround glass, 40˚ chair swivel and enlarged windshield wiper arms provide superior visibility in all weather.

All Season Comfort
From heated seats to increased HVAC vents and louvers, you'll stay comfortable in the cab in any season. The upgraded sound system features larger speakers enhance sound quality. Available luxury cab includes ventilated leather seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and cab carpet.

Multiple Power Sources
Throughout the cab there are 29 power sources - including USB charging outlets, 12V power ports, and even 120V power - to keep your essential electronics running.


  • Engine: 12.9 L Tier 4 B/Final
  • Engine Rated Horsepower: 620
  • Maximum Engine Horsepower: 682
  • PTO Power: 473