Case IH Farm 2130 Stack-Fold

Case IH Farm 2130 Stack-Fold for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho

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Case IH Farm 2130 Stack-Fold for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho



The 2130 Early Riser planter is rebuilt from the ground up — from rugged row unit to industry’s most accurate Precision Planting® technology.
Five configurations ensure the perfect fit for high-tech strip-till and flood irrigation operations and specialty crops, such as cotton, peanuts and
edible soybeans. Plus, an agronomically designed row unit provides accurate seed placement at your speed — up to 10 mph.


  • Factory-integrated Case IH and Precision Planting technology customized to your farm’s soil types, terrain, fertilizer and chemical application needs, and crop residue management practices.
  • Fully integrated in-furrow liquid fertilizer delivery system with tractor-mounted tank is specifically designed for the 2000 Early Riser series planter lineup.
  • Low-maintenance, electrically driven metering system delivers accurate and consistent seed singulation, population and in-row spacing.
  • Industry’s only flat-bottom seed trench provides proper depth and more consistent seed placement while improving seed-to-soil contact.


  • Rugged row unit built for unrivaled accuracy and dependability — from 4 mph to 10 mph.
  • Heavy-duty cast components stand up to increased speeds and tough, fast changing conditions.
  • 26-inch toolbar clearance, plus a 60 percent increase in vertical row unit travel to accommodate rapid terrain changes.



  • Choose between 1.9-bushel on-row hopper or new 50-bushel bulk fill tank for increased seed capacity.
  • Reduced maintenance and tool-free crop changes and adjustments keep you in the field to cover more acres with greater speed and efficiency.
  • Automatic and in-cab adjustments help you quickly adapt to unique field conditions:
    • Automatic hydraulic downforce with DeltaForce®
    • Speed-compensated vacuum adjust
    • Floating residue managers with CleanSweep® air cylinders
    • Air closing system adjust
    • Wing downforce
    • Auxiliary alternator automation
    • Individual row shut-offs for seed and fertilizer
    • Automatic curve compensated spacing


Quick Specs

  • Row options: 12-, 16-, or 18-​​row
  • Spacing: 30-, 36-, 38- or 40-inch
  • Frame size: 7”x 7”​​​​
  • Sections: 3