Case IH Farm 1245 Pivot Transport Trailing

Case IH Farm 1245 Pivot Transport Trailing for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho

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Case IH Farm 1245 Pivot Transport Trailing for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho



Maximize Yield Potential
The 1200 Series Early Riser Planters ensures excellent seed-to-soil contact and uniformity with consistent depth control and accuracy across the planter. Side-by-side trials show Early Riser Planters produce 6% more plants on average above the competition.


Make the Most of Short Seasons
The legendary Case IH Early Riser Planter row unit was designed with agronomics in mind so you can make the most of short planting windows. Our many patented features mean accurate in-row spacing, excellent soil-to-seed contact, and earlier, uniform emergence.

Clean Seed Trench

  • Leading Edge Offset Openers: slice through residue and hard soil.
  • Furrow Forming Point: forms the clean V-shaped seed trench
  • Seed Protection Shoe: acts as a retaining wall, preventing loose soil from falling into the trench before seed.


Careful Soil Handling

  • Reduced Inner Diameter Gauge Wheel Tires: allow displaced soil to move up and out to the sides of the trench for less sidewall compaction.
  • Better Gauge Wheel Weight Distribution: carries the row unit/planter weight away from the edge of the seed trench wall to avoid compression at the base of the trench for more robust roots and plants.
  • Inverted Furrow Closing Disks: replaces soil from both sides so moist soil covers the seed, improving seed-to-soil contact and proper soil pressure.



Versatility in Changing Conditions

Regardless of your speed, seed size or field condition, the Case IH Advanced Seed Meter (ASM) is equipped for the job.


  • Provides population accuracy and consistent in-row spacing
  • Accurate at high speeds and in no-till conditions



  • Handles a wide variety of seed types and sizes



  • A patented system with three spools that singulates on each side of the seed, eliminating skips and doubles
  • No seed disk changes, no seasonal calibration required



Handles Any Seed, Any Coating
We spent hundreds of hours in field testing, with all types of seed combinations, to provide you with the best in seed delivery.

Engineered to Deliver

  • Reliably delivers seed of any size, type or any coating with simple settings that do not require frequent adjustments.
  • Best-in-class mini-hopper for unmatched seed flow control during normal field operations.


Fast & Efficient

  • Improved offset ladder and platform for easy tank access
  • Scale options for exact measurement of tank fill levels
  • Tank shutoffs from the inductors and multiple small inductor doors for draining see without loss


Quick Specs

  • Row Spacing: 12- or 16-row, 30"; 24-row, 20" spacing; 12/23-row, 30/15" spacing; 16/31-row, 30/15" spacing 
  • Frame Size: 7x7
  • Sections: 3
  • Seed Drives: 2 hydraulic (12R and 16R), 4 hydraulic (24R, 12/23R, 16/31R)