Case IH Farm LB434XL

Case IH Farm LB434XL for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho

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Case IH Farm LB434XL for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho



High Density, High Capacity
Ready to build better, high-density bales? The new Case IH LB436 HD large square baler has advanced features such as patented two-speed gear box, robust compression system, ISOBUS Class 3 integrated automation and reliable TwinePro™ knotter system increase the efficiency of the baler and set standards in bale density and ground speed.


Achieve High-Efficiency Hay


New for Model Year 2020
The new design allows for up to 30% increased knot strength. Bale density may be increased using the same twine or current bale density maintained using lower strength twine.


Automatic and Uniform

  • Fully automatic
  • Reduces loading time by up to 50%
  • Holds three to five bales
  • Dumps uniform, pickup-ready bales
  • Works on a variety of bale lengths and conditions


Available in vertical and horizontal stacking models

  • AC3108: standard horizontal three-bale accumulator for 3x3 bales
  • AC4108: standard horizontal three-bale accumulator for 4x3 bales
  • AC5150: horizontal five-bale accumulator for 4x3 bales
  • VS1206: vertical three-bale accumulator for 4x3 bales



Advanced Baling Technology
Feedrate Control enables the baler to run at optimal performance by controlling​ the speed of the tractor. Using Feedrate Control, the baler controls the tractor’s forward speed through ISOBUS Class 3 commands, maintaining desired capacity by using a charge sensor. The system then calculates the best speed based on the information received from the sensors.

Charge Control
Charge Control automatically adjusts the tractor's speed to reach optimal capacity inside the baler. This results in a higher feedrate throughput by up to 9 percent overall. Available on LB334R, LB434R and LB434R XL rotor cutter configurations.

Slice Control
Slice Control automatically adjusts the tractor's speed based on bale slice thickness. This allows the operator to predetermine the number of slices per bale to create more consistency​​. Available on all configurations of LB4 models.


Make Case IH
Model LB434XL (2017-Present)
Bale Size  
Bale width, in (mm) 47.2 (1200)
Bale height, in (mm) 35.4 (900)
Bale length, maximum, in (mm) 108 (2743) std.; 118 (3000) opt.
Pickup working width, in (mm) 87.9 (2232)
Outer tine-to-tine width, in (mm) 80.6 (2046)
Number of tines 64 double (128)
Tine spacing, in (mm) 2.6 (66)
Number of tine bars or tine rows 4
Gauge wheel size Two 15x6.00-6 4PR; caster opt.
Cutter System  
Cutter knives See Rotor Cutter version
Feeder Description 3 packer forks; 9 single tines
Stuffer Description Fork type with 6 tines
Plunger speed, Strokes/minute 48
Plunger stroke, in (mm) 28 (710)
Main Drive  
Drive protection Shearbolt, overrunning clutch & slip clutch
Knotter Type Double knot
Number of knotters 6
Twine ball storage, quantity 32
Controls, Indicators and Monitors  
Bale density control Monitor controlled; manual override std.
Bale weighing system Factory fitted option
Baler Monitor with screen (non-ISOBUS) AFS Pro 300 or Pro 700 for non-ISO tractor
ISOBUS compatibility ISOBUS Class 3 capability
Tire size, Single axle 600/55-22.5 or 700/40-22.5
Tire size, Tandem Axle 500/50-17 or 550/45 R22.5
Baler Dimensions  
Length w/bale chute extended, in (mm) np
Length w/bale chute folded, in (mm) 325.2 (8259)
Baler width, in (mm) 109.5 to 117.5 (2782 to 2984)
Height, single axle, in (mm) 123.3 (3133)
Height, tandem axle, in (mm) 123.3 (3133)
Weight, empty, w/bale ejector & chute  
Weight, single axle, lbs (kg) np
Weight, tandem axle, lbs (kg) np
Tractor Requirement  
Tractor Power, hp (kW) 130 (97)
PTO Speed, rpm 1000
Number of remote hydraulic valves 2