Case IH Farm Trident™ 5550

Case IH Farm Trident™ 5550 for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho

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Case IH Farm Trident™ 5550 for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho




Setting Productivity Standards
The Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator didn’t earn CropLife IRON “Product of the Decade” honors for nothing. With a 42-minute changeover time, this combination applicator redefines what application productivity can do for your business. Plus, industry-leading horsepower means you’re never short on power, even in tough conditions. Here are three ways the Trident 5550 combination applicator delivers unmatched productivity:

Choose Your Speed

  • Select your maximum speed with two modes of operation — field or road.
  • Travel field to field faster with 40 mph roading speeds — the quickest in the industry for a high-clearance, row crop applicator.


High-Capacity Productivity

  • Cover more acres with high-capacity configurations. The Trident 5550 Liquid System features either a 1,400- or 1,600- gallon tank, while New Leader® NL4500T G4 Edge and New Leader NL5000 G5 variable rate dry nutrient applicator bins hold up to 330 cubic feet of dry product.
  • Paired with higher field speeds, a longer run time between refills means more acres in the books.


Exceptional Rate Capabilities

  • The Trident 5550 Liquid System delivers a throughput of more than 60 gallons per acre — all without sacrificing field speed.
  • The optional direct injection feature, available with the 1,400-gallon tank configuration, allows for selective spraying to deliver exceptional application accuracy and easier rinsing.



Welcome to High-efficiency Crop Production
The Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator embodies High-Efficiency Farming: efficient use of time, resources and inputs. And today, maximizing yield potential requires a more specialized approach to feeding and protecting. The Trident 5550 meets those demands across three seasons of use — preplant, postemerge, postharvest.

Season 1

  • Outfitted with the New Leader NL4500T G4 Edge or NL5000 G5 variable rate dry nutrient applicator, wrap up dry fertilizer applications remaining from the previous fall, and then quickly switch to the liquid system.
  • Make in-crop pesticide applications; apply nitrogen later in the season to boost protein levels.


Season 2

  • Preplant, preemerge or postemerge, protect valuable crops from all types of pests — weeds, insects and fungi. Switch back to the dry applicator, if desired, for topdress fertilizer applications.
  • Make postharvest burndown applications before planting double-crop soybeans. Convert to the NL4500T G4 Edge of NL5000 G5variable rate dry nutrient applicator and apply dry fertilizer postharvest; switch back to the liquid system.


Season 3

  • Follow the combines with postharvest fertilizer applications.
  • Preserve valuable soil moisture with chem-fallow burndown applications ahead of winter wheat seeding or to maintain clean stubble until winter, setting the field up for spring planting and seeding.


A Quick-Change Tool That Works Fast
A combination applicator that takes hours to switch between liquid and dry isn’t a true combination applicator. The Case IH Aerial Lift Device helps convert from the Trident 5550 Liquid System to the NL4500T G4 Edge or NL5000 GS variable rate dry nutrient applicator in just 42 minutes.* The fast, easy changeover puts you back in the field sooner, helping you make better use of your fleet.


AIM Command FLEX™
Get the most out of every tankful, every hour and every acre with AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology. This superior spray system is a factory-equipped option on every Trident 5550 Liquid System and delivers the ultimate in sprayer control for more efficient use of time and resources with sound product stewardship.

How It Works
Pulse width modulation spray technology ensures a constant application rate and spray pressure, even when sprayer speed changes. Think of it as a way to change nozzle tips without leaving the cab. Once you select a standard tip based on application rate, chemical droplet size and travel speed, AIM Command FLEX automatically and precisely controls the flow to meet targeted application rates. Working at 10 pulses per second, nozzle valves vary the duty cycle to maintain the correct application rate as sprayer speed changes.

Precise Application
AIM Command FLEX controls product flow and pressure more precisely than conventional rate controllers. Regardless of speed or ground conditions, this technology optimizes application rates and droplet sizes for consistent application, delivering more consistent, flexible and accurate application, even in turns, rough terrain and irregular-shaped fields. Eliminate worry about overapplication or underapplication. AIM Command FLEX delivers quality application for effective and efficient use of crop protection products and spray operations.

On-demand Drift Control
Maintaining a constant spray pressure means consistent droplet sizes and less opportunity for off-target applications. AIM Command FLEX also offers two pre-set spray pressure settings that you can toggle between on-the-go for effective drift control.

Turn Compensation
When your sprayer runs in a straight line, every nozzle moves over the field at the same speed. But during turns, ground speed varies across the boom — causing underapplication on the outside of the boom and overapplication on the inside of the boom. The turn compensation feature on AIM Command FLEX eliminates this issue by adjusting flow rates on each individual nozzle across the boom during turns.



Model Trident 5550
Solution System  
Solution system tank, gal (L) 1,400 (5300)
Solution tank material Stainless Steel
Solution Fill connection, in (mm) 3 (76) Left side; Front fill optional
Solution pump Hypro standard or high-flow; hydraulically driven
Other Tanks and Containers  
Rinse tank, gal (L) 200 (757)
Hand wash tank, gal (L) np
Foam marker tank, gal (L) 55 (208)
Chemical eductor Available
Engine fuel tank, gal (L) 150 (568) (two 75 gal tanks)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank, gal (L) 21 (79)
Hydraulic reservoir, gal (L) np
Dry material box option in place of tank New Leader NL4500T G4 Edge, Quick-Change from tank
Boom location, front or rear Rear
Boom width option, minimum, ft (m) 60/90 (18.3/27.4)
Boom width option, intermediate, ft (m) 60/100 (18.3/30.5)
Boom width option, maximum, ft (m) 60/90/120 (18.3/27.4/36.5)
Boom sections 5, 6, or 7; 36 w/AIM Command FLEX option
Ground height adjustment, in (cm) 24 to 84 (61 to 213)
Boom breakaway angle, degrees 30 degrees, full boom
Wingtip breakaway, ft-in (m) 5' 6" (1.7) w/90 ft.; 10' 6" (3.2) w/100 ft.; 9' 0" (2.7) w/120 ft.
Nozzle spacing, in (cm) 20 (50.8) off-center or 20-30 (50.8-76.2) with 30 (76.2) on-center
Engine position (front or rear) Front
Engine Make Case IH FPT
Engine Model Cursor 8.7
Rated power, hp (kW) 390 (291)
Peak power, hp (kW) 415 (309)
Emission Tier Level Tier 4 B/Final
Peak Torque, ft-lb (Nm) 1,257 (1704)
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement, cu in (L) 531 (8.7)
Alternator Amps np
Drive Train  
Drive System description Hydrostatic
Number of speed ranges Infinitely variable, 4 application modes
Maximum travel speed, mph (kph) 40 (64)
Wheel drive (2WD, 4WD) Full-time 4WD
Primary Service Brake Hydrostatic drive system dynamic braking
Secondary Service Brake All four wheels, pedal activated
Parking Brake Spring-applied hydraulic released wet disc, all wheels
Cab position Above and slightly behind front wheels
Cab glass area, sq ft (sq m) 68.5 (6.36)
Operator seat description Cloth std. w/swivel; heated/ventilated leather opt.
Instructional seat Standard
Sprayer control AIM Command FLEX, using Case IH AFS Pro 700 or Case IH Viper 4+
Crop clearance, in (cm) w/ std tires 53 (135)
Wheel track spacing, in (cm) 120 to 160 (305 to 406), in 0.5 (1.27) increments
Wheel track adjustment method Hydraulic, w/position sensors
Wheelbase, in (cm) 170 (432)
Turning radius, ft-in (m) 26' 1" (7.95) from centerline of rear axle
Steering system 2WS, Hydraulic
Suspension description Pneumatic cylinder at each wheel, 4 modes, load-compensated
Suspension travel, total, in (mm) np
Standard row-crop tire IF or VF 320/105R54 duals only
Optional row-crop tire 1 VF380/105R50 single or duals
Optional row-crop tire 2 VF420/95R50 single or duals
Flotation tire VF480/80R50 single or duals
Optional flotation tire IF710/60R46 single or IF710/65R46 dual
Overall dimensions, boom folded  
Overall Length, ft-in (m) 31' 10.5" (9.72) w/tank & 120' boom
Overall Height, ft-in (m) 13' 1.75" (4.01) standard ride height
Overall Width, ft-in (m), wheels retracted 13' 9.75" (4.21) w/710/60R46 tires
Overall Width, ft-in (m), wheels extended 17' 1.75" (5.23) w/710/60R46 tires
Dry Weight  
Weight w/ shortest boom, lb (kg) 26,240 (11902) chassis only, no tank or boom
Weight w/ intermediate boom, lb (kg) 31,100 (14107) w/New Leader dry applicator
Weight w/ widest boom, lb (kg) 35,670 (16180) w/tank & 120' boom