Case IH Farm Titan™ 3540 Floater

Case IH Farm Titan™ 3540 Floater for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho

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Case IH Farm Titan™ 3540 Floater for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho



NEW FOR 2022

FA 1030 Air Boom Applicator: Now Available With Wider Booms
Get more done in tight windows and in challenging conditions. A 90-ft. boom option — now the widest boom configuration offered — is available for the FA 1030 air boom applicator. Designed for Titan™ 3540 or 4540 floaters, the FA 1030 air boom applicator is built to carry more product, enhance productivity and deliver accurate application across changing terrain. Plus, a range of configurations and efficient variable-rate-capable application systems help match the applicator to the operator’s needs and optimize coverage and productivity.

Leading the Industry

Built to get more out of every day and pack more productive days into every season, Titan Series floaters are ready to help you make the most of your windows of opportunity. Whether you're applying liquids, granular materials, or both, you'll be riding high in a machine that's designed to meet the needs of professional applicators. It's about rugged construction. Machines with productivity improving features, the best service and support network in the industry and a legacy of leadership that puts a premium on delivering real value.

Delivering More Power More Efficiently

  • Feature Case IH FPT high-horsepower engines with industry-leading SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Tier 4 emissions control
  • SCR is located outside the engine allowing the Power Plant to be tuned for power and performance and the emissions compliance handled externally
  • Includes high-capacity cooling systems, rugged transmissions and increased horsepower
  • Deliver all the performance you've ever wanted in a floater


Simple to Service for Maximum Uptime

  • Easy access to service and maintenance items allows for quick checks and routine inspections while getting you back into the field sooner
  • Frames and booms are designed for maximum strength, durability and unmatched reliability
  • These tough machines prove themselves every day, year after year in the field


Quality Application

  • From the big booms, big tanks, and efficient plumbing of our 610 Liquid System to the precise co-application flexibility of the FA 1030 Air Boom and 810 Flex-Air™ applicators you can cover more acres, more accurately
  • Feature rugged suspension and boom design that ensures efficient, consistent and precise application


Operator Environment

  • Titan Series floaters feature the Case IH Surveyor® Cab to deliver comfort, convenience and more control over the operator environment


Productive Power

Available in two horsepower ratings, the Titan 40 Series’ high-horsepower diesel engines feature the world-class design innovations of FPT Powertrain Technologies. A sister company of Case IH, FPT is a global engine development leader that makes more than 2.6 million engines every year. Engineered for extraordinary quality and durability, and tested and proven by Case IH engineers, this 8.7-liter engine is designed to meet the tough conditions found in agriculture while delivering optimum fuel efficiency and ease of service. FPT world-class design innovations power all Case IH products over 100 hp, delivering Efficient Power to increase responsiveness and fuel efficiency.

Clean Air Exhaust

  • Case IH SCR after-treatment system converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water
  • Change is triggered by a non-toxic, odorless mixture called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • Engine design maximizes power and performance, reduces particulate matter


Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

  • SCR maximizes horsepower because the system is separate from the engine
  • The design leads to better fuel economy and improved engine durability and you still have the flexibility to choose among diesel fuel varieties and grades
  • SCR meets stringent Tier 4 B/Final emission standards


More Comfort Means More Acres

When application windows are narrow and every hour in the field counts, operator comfort is no luxury - it's absolutely essential. Comfortable operators are productive operators and they help boost your bottom line. That's why Titan Series floaters are equipped to let operators work longer with less fatigue. Ergonomic seating, easy-to-reach controls and an ultra-quiet interior are just a few of the features that help make the most out of long days in the field.

Air-ride Seat

  • Adjustable for position, ride firmness and lumbar support
  • 40-degree right-hand swivel seat gives you a 180-degree full field vision and less neck strain
  • Instructional seat can be folded down when not in use to provide a mobile office with cup holders
  • Sufficient room to stretch your legs
  • Elevated footrest pegs provide a welcome alternative position
  • Luxury cab option: red leather operator and instructional seat and leather wrapped steering wheel
  • Carpeted floor mat


Control Switches

  • Chassis and application control switches are ergonomically placed
  • Attached to operators seat or in the headliner to the right of the operator
  • Spreading and spraying controls are located on the control lever for simple one-handed operation
  • Cruise control operation is performed using the switches located on the right-hand control console


Surveyor® Cab

  • Four pillar design provides 132 cubic feet of working space
  • Opens up the view in every direction
  • One-piece curved, tinted, front windshield has more glass than any competitive model
  • Sloped glass to reduce glare
  • 90 square feet of cab glass for unbelievable visibility
  • Low-profile hood helps provide an amazing field of view for operating safety and confidence
  • Sunshades keep the operator cool and comfortable
  • Pressurized cab to keep the inside air clean and fresh all day


3-Wheel Floaters

Ready to work? So are these floaters. From its solid, durable chassis frame to its robust drivetrain, a Titan 40 Series 3-wheel chassis is designed to work as hard as the rest of your crew during your application windows. For the applicator who needs to stay out in front, both of schedules and the competition, here’s the 3-wheel option that’s second to none.

Durability and Strength

  • 4 times the life of earlier designs with high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) cold-formed rectangular steel tubing
  • Continuously welded, not bolted
  • Open architecture frame design that allows for better airflow to keep engine running cool and efficient


Power Train Designed for the Application

  • 6-speed Allison automatic transmission and 2-speed rear axle
  • Optional, factory-installed 2-speed auxiliary transmission doubles the speed range choices
  • 4 speed ranges with 6 gears in each range
  • Simple rotary dial to choose the appropriate range for particular field conditions and operating speeds
  • 3-wheel floaters have a big rear axle rated at 34,000 pounds with wheel end planetaries
  • Provides the rugged durability that is required to handle tough terrain and today's demands


Front Fork Assembly Design

  • A large 8-inch shaft diameter at the attachment point and 7 inches at the bearing area
  • 1.5 inches more than the closest competitive design
  • A 6-degree rake on caster provides the tight turning performance you want from a 3-wheeler


Better Brakes

  • Standard on the 3-wheeler is a "Front-Assist" disc brake that uses air over hydraulic actuation to supply one-fourth of the machine's total braking capability
  • Timed braking to let the back brakes engage first for improved stability while stopping


Model Titan 3540 (3-Wheel)
Engine Rated Power, hp (kW) 410 (306)
Engine Peak Power, hp (kW) 425 (317)
Engine Make Case IH FPT
Engine Model 8.7 L
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement, (L) 531 (8.7)
Emission Tier Level Tier 4B / Final
Fuel tank capacity, gal (L) 150 (568)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank capacity, gal (L) 28 (106)
Transmission and Speeds  
Transmission Make and Model Allison 3000 RDS + Fabco auxiliary
Transmission description 6-speed automatic w/2-speed transfer case
Maximum road speed, mph (kph) Limited by tire capacity
Axles, Brakes, Suspension  
Number of Wheels, total 3-Wheel
Front Axle Description 4.52 (115) solid shaft
Rear Axle Description AxleTech PRC 674 2-speed
Front Brakes 28" caliper disc, air over hydraulic
Rear Brakes 16.5"x5" drum, air-actuated cam
Front axle suspension Tricycle fork and kingpin
Rear axle suspension np
Front Tire size 66x43.00x25, 16PR
Rear Tire size 66x43.00x25, 16PR
Largest Front Tire option 1050/50 R32
Largest Rear Tire option 1050/50 R32
Wheelbase, in (mm) 268 (6807)
Overall chassis length, ft-in (m) 28' 2" (8.59)
Height to top of cab, ft-in (m) 11' 11" (3.63)
Overall width, ft-in (m) 11' 6" (3.51)
Crop clearance, in (mm) 3-wheel, no clearance
Weight, bare chassis, lb (kg) 24,000 (10886)
Weight, Optional Dry System, empty, lb (kg) 6,560 to 7,680 (2976 to 3484)
Weight, Optional Liquid System, empty, lb (kg) 7,370 to 7,620 (3343 to 3456)
Chassis Load Ratings  
Front Axle Load Rating, lbs (kg) 16,000 (7257)
Rear Axle Load Rating, lbs (kg) 34,000 (15422)
Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, lbs (kg) 50,000 (22680)
Dry Application Systems Available  
Dry Bin Applicator Make and Model Case IH 810 Flex-Air Applicator
Single Bin Capacity, cu ft. (cu m) 287 (8.13)
Split Bin Capacity, cu ft (cu m) 116 and 171 (3.28 and 4.84)
Liquid Application Systems Available  
Liquid System Make and Model Case IH 610 Liquid System
Liquid System Capacity, gal (L) 1,800 (6814)
Liquid System Capacity, maximum, gal (L) 2,000 (7571)