Case IH Farm Patriot 3340

Case IH Farm Patriot 3340 for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho

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Case IH Farm Patriot 3340 for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho




New for 2020: Wider, lighter boom options for Patriot® 4440 sprayer

Experience efficient application like never before with new boom options for the Patriot 4440 sprayer. Made of aluminum, these factory-installed booms are lightweight, yet durable, and come in 132- and 135-foot options — now the widest booms available on this model.

New AutoBoom® XRT automatic boom height control adjusts the booms automatically, using a combination of chassis monitoring and sensors to detect changes in terrain, for improved target height accuracy. The radar sensors can be configured to detect the location of the ground or crop canopy, maintain a level spray platform and maximize boom life.

Make the Most of Every Plant's Potential

Application Quality
Patriot sprayers deliver the right rate and droplet size not only across the entire boom, but also the entire field. A stable spray platform delivers prod​uct consistently across varied condi​tions. Skips and overlaps are minimized with automatic boom section control and guidance.​​​

To maximize your crop’s yield potential, product needs to be applied at the right agronomic moment. The cab-forward, rear-engine Patriot sprayer design means ​even weight distribution across the machine, getting operators into the field earlier while causing less soil compaction and maximizing on tight operating windows.​

In-Field Performance
Our application technology, engineering and expertise combine to help you keep your fields clean and plants healthy — all with the goal of maximizing yield potential. With Case IH FTP engines, Patriot sprayers offer proven power and durability to work as long and hard as you do at spraying time.​

When It Comes to Chemical Delivery, Make Sure Your Equipment Delivers.
Both growers and commercial applicators know that timeliness and application quality are critical. Most often, you're facing long days and short application windows. That's why you need a sprayer that optimizes your time and provides accuracy in any conditions. Patriot sprayers offer the most advanced spray technology on the market. Agronomically designed with function in mind, Patriot sprayers allow you to do your job quickly but efficiently every time.

Spray when you have to

  • The cab-forward, rear-engine design provides more equal weight distribution across the machine.
  • Light footprint gets you into fields earlier for more timely application with less soil compaction.
  • Optional 360-degree lighting package adds hours to your day.
  • Optimal use of efficient horsepower means you can cover more acres faster.


Long hours won't feel so long
The Patriot sprayer’s Surveyor™ cab offers:

  • Exceptional space to work in which allows the operators to stretch out their legs.
  • Vast amounts of cab glass and a well-thought-out cab design offer unrestricted visibility to the front and sides.
  • Superior visibility helps when traveling down the field or maneuvering around obstacles.
  • A gun sight on the front hood that helps you line up your pathway.
  • A seat-mounted control console moves with the seat for near-effortless operation of sprayer controls.
  • The Case IH AFS Pro 700 or Viper 4+ displays can be mounted on the control console or on a separate mounting bar, allowing for line-of-sight visibility of rate control and guidance functions.


Spray better

  • AFS AccuGuide™ or RS1 autoguidance helps reduce skips and overlaps.
  • AFS AccuTurn automated headland-turning technology provides hands-free, automatic and repeatable turns for increased productivity.
  • AutoBoom XRT automatic boom height control functions as a “look ahead” to detect changes in terrain and adjusts the booms accordingly for improved target height accuracy.
  • AIM Command FLEX™ advanced spray technology delivers consistent, flexible and accurate application, regardless of speed and terrain.
  • Use a single tip for multiple applications.


Maximize your uptime

  • Maintenance is simple.
  • Routine maintenance items are located on one side of the machine and easily accessed.
  • Saves time, so maintenance is less likely to be skipped when things get busy.
  • Our booms are designed for maximum strength, unequaled durability and unmatched reliability.
  • All Patriot sprayers feature a welded one-piece tubular frame design and simple but durable trailing-link suspension.
  • Optional automated rinse feature allows you to start the rinse cycle, either from the service center or in the cab, with the click of a button, helping to reduce fatigue and increase productivity.


Model Patriot 3340
Solution System  
Solution system tank, gal (L) 1,000 (3785)
Solution tank material Stainless steel
Solution Fill connection, in (mm) 3 (76) Left side; Front fill optional
Solution pump Centrifugal-hydraulic motor driven
Other Tanks and Containers  
Rinse tank, gal (L) 112 (424)
Hand wash tank, gal (L) 4.5 (17) starting January, 2015
Foam marker tank, gal (L) 55 (208)
Chemical eductor Optional, stainless steel
Engine fuel tank, gal (L) 120 (454)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank, gal (L) 21 (79)
Hydraulic reservoir, gal (L) 29 (110)
Dry material box option in place of tank No
Boom location, front or rear Rear
Boom width option, minimum, ft (m) 60/90 (18.3/27.4)
Boom width option, intermediate, ft (m) 60/100 (18.3/30.5)
Boom width option, maximum, ft (m) 60/90/120 (18.3/27.4/36.5)
Boom sections 5 or 6 w/90; 6 w/100; 7 w/120; or 36 w/AIM Command FLEX
Ground height adjustment, in (cm) 24 to 84 (61 to 213)
Boom breakaway angle, degrees 30 full boom
Wingtip breakaway, ft-in (m) 5' 6" (1.7) w/90 ft.; 10' 6" (3.2) w/100 ft.; 9' 0" (2.7) w/120 ft.
Nozzle spacing, in (cm) 20 (50.8) off-center or 20-30 (50.8-76.2) with 30 (76.2) on-center
Engine position (front or rear) Rear
Engine Make Case IH FPT
Engine Model NEF 6.7
Rated power, hp (kW) 285 (212)
Peak power, hp (kW) 309 (230)
Emission Tier Level Tier 4 B/Final
Peak Torque, ft-lb (Nm) 867 (1175)
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement, cu in (L) 409 (6.7)
Alternator Amps 175
Drive Train  
Drive System description Hydrostatic
Number of speed ranges Infinitely variable
Maximum travel speed, mph (kph) 30 (48)
Wheel drive (2WD, 4WD) Full-time 4WD
Primary Service Brake Drive system dynamic braking
Secondary Service Brake Dry disks on front wheels
Parking Brake Spring-applied hydraulic released wet disc, all wheels
Cab position Forward of front wheels
Cab glass area, sq ft (sq m) 68.5 (6.36)
Operator seat description Optima Air w/swivel; heated/ventilated leather opt.
Instructional seat Standard
Sprayer control AIM Command FLEX, using Case IH AFS Pro 700 or Case IH Viper 4+
Crop clearance, in (cm) w/ std tires 52 (132)
Wheel track spacing, in (cm) 120 to 157 (305 to 399)
Wheel track adjustment method Hydraulic, from cab
Wheelbase, in (cm) 150 (381)
Turning radius, ft-in (m) 23' 3" (7.1) from center of rear axle
Steering system 2WS, Hydraulic
Suspension description Trailing-link w/coil spring & shock std; Active susp. opt.
Suspension travel, total, in (mm) Approx. 11 (279)
Standard row-crop tire 380/90R46
Optional row-crop tire 1 320/90R46
Optional row-crop tire 2 480/80R42
Flotation tire 520/85R38
Optional flotation tire 650/65R38
Overall dimensions, boom folded  
Overall Length, ft-in (m) 28' 10" (8.8)
Overall Height, ft-in (m) 12' 0" (3.7)
Overall Width, ft-in (m), wheels retracted 11' 6" (3.5)
Overall Width, ft-in (m), wheels extended 14' 7" (4.5)
Dry Weight  
Weight w/ shortest boom, lb (kg) 25,060 (11367)
Weight w/ intermediate boom, lb (kg) 25,060 (11367)
Weight w/ widest boom, lb (kg) 26,560 (12047)