Case IH Farm AFS AccuGuide™

Case IH Farm AFS AccuGuide™ for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho

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Case IH Farm AFS AccuGuide™ for sale at American Falls, Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rupert, Idaho




Repeatable Accuracy to Fit the Way You Farm
Year after year, with AccuGuide you have repeatable guidance, as tight as plus or minus 1 inch (2.5 cm). And, by minimizing skips and overlaps, you can improve your agronomic performance through precise seed placement. Accuguide comes factory equipped on select models or can be retrofitted to your current equipment.


Maximize Turning Accuracy
AccuTurn Pro functionality can be used on any new and existing Case IH AFS Connect Steiger® and AFS Connect Magnum™ tractors equipped with AccuGuide™ autoguidance.

AFS AccuTurn can be used on any legacy Magnum and Steiger series tractors as well as current production Optum™, Maxxum®, Vestrum® and Puma® tractors as well as Patriot® series sprayers and Trident™ applicators equipped with AccuGuide™ autoguidance.


Equipped from the Factory

AFS Connect Steiger®, AFS Connect Magnum™, Optum™, Maxxum®, Vestrum® and Puma® tractors; Axial-Flow® combines and Patriot® sprayers can be equipped with factory-installed AccuGuide autoguidance, delivering convenience and quality control. AccuGuide can also be retrofitted and is compatible with some third-party precision farming providers. See your dealer for more details.

AccuGuide is available on all AFS Connect series tractors with factory-fit AFS Pro 1200 displays and Vector Pro receivers. AccuGuide on legacy products requires an AFS Pro 700 display, NAV II/III and AFS 372 receiver hardware.


Ensured Accuracy and Reliability
AFS AccuGuide ensures pass-to-pass accuracy and reliability, regardless of the season or operation. Pick from one of the guidance patterns (field, circle, curved, heading, spiral and straight) to reduce overlaps and skips and to begin saving money on input costs and labor.


A Rugged Solution to Row Positioning
Accurate, hands-free assisted steering reduces operator fatigue through long hours of operation. AFS RowGuide can be used in fields planted with or without auto guidance. The sensors and the GPS signal provide guidance input, so you can be assured your combine stays on course. The Case IH Gen-II Row Guidance system provides a dual wand, single point sensor that can provide row guidance to an Axial-Flow combine. When properly calibrated the system will provide guidance in straight rows and down corn conditions.

Note: This system has limitations in center pivot circles or fields with aggressive curves. Please consider your applications appropriately.


Better Accuracy for Better Farming
Case IH AFS accuracy solutions are designed to help you farm better and smarter. From basic accuracy options to pinpoint, sub-inch RTK+ guidance, Case IH offers solutions no matter what crops you grow or where you grow them, repeatable 95% of the time.


Plug and Play Capability for Legacy Products
The Case IH AFS AccuGuide navigation controller, AFS Pro 700 touchscreen display and AFS 372 receiver are extremely portable and can be used across various types of equipment.


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