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CASE 2050M Dozer

The 2050M puts powerful precision at your disposal thanks to best-in-class horsepower of 214 hp., massive drawbar pull of nearly 81,000 lbs., fingertip controls and customizable steering, shuttle and blade sensitivity settings that can be adjusted between Smooth, Moderate and Aggressive to match ground conditions and operator comfort. A new v-shaped cooling system with auto-reversing fan also helps maximize uptime by automatically clearing the cooling package of debris.

The M Series are the industry’s first dozers to be powered by a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Tier 4 engine. Rather than compromise power, this after-treatment system lets the engine do what it does best – run at peak performance. It also allows a lower hood profile for greater visibility than CEGR setups. SCR is simple too. No regeneration. No downtime. Just pour and go. 

The redesigned cab offers floor-to-ceiling glass doors and a cab-forward design to provide maximum visibility with direct line-of-sight to the blade edge and cab-to-ground vision of only 15.5-feet. True positive pressure helps keep out the elements and advanced sealing results in one of the quietest cabs in the industry with a decibel rating of 76 dBa. Upgraded environmental controls and a factory-installed radio are also available. An electro-hydraulic joystick with push-button controls for blade shake and fine grading also help simplify operation.

The M Series is built to minimize maintenance time. Heavy-duty swing-out panels with pressure-closing latches are housed on a solid, box-style frame that’s designed to give quick access to key service points so daily maintenance can be done in a matter of minutes.

The M Series comes standard with the industry’s first all-in-one heavy machine support program that’s as powerful as the equipment it protects –CASE ProCare.


Emission Rating Interim Tier 4
Engine make / model FPT F4HFE613J
Net Power - hp (kW) 214 (160)
Gross Power - hp (kW) 232 (173)
Rated RPM - rpm 2000
Torque Output - lbf / ft (Nm) not published
Displacement - Inches³ (ltr) 409 (6.7)
Transmission Type Hydrostatic
Max Speed Fwd - mph (kph) 5.8 (9.3)
Max Speed Rev - mph (kph) 5.8 (9.3)
Drawbar Pull at Stall - lbf (kN) 80979 (360)
Differential Steering No
Steering Clutch/Brakes No
Shoe Width - inches (mm) 36 (914)
No. of Shoes 45
No. of Upper Rollers 2
No. of Bottom Rollers 8
Track on Ground - ft/in (mm) 10 ft 9 in (3280)
Main Pump Type Variable Displacement Piston
Pump Flow - gallons (US) / min (lt/min) 40.4 (153)
Blade Type PAT
Blade Capacity - yd³ (m³) 7.24 (5.54)
Blade Width - ft/in (mm) 13 ft 4 in (4064)
Length w/Dozer - ft/in (mm) 19 ft 4 in (5902)
Height to Top of Cab - ft/in (mm) 10 ft 2 in (3103)
Fuel Tank - gallons (US) (ltr) 107 (405)
Operating Weight - lbs (kg) 48773 (22123)