• High-speed Steiger and Magnum Rowtrac design

    ​Steiger® and Magnum™ Rowtrac™ series tractors now feature an improved track design for high-speed roading — capable of up to 25 mph — for tracks of all widths with no mechanical speed limitation. Plus, a new 21-inch configuration provides the only narrow-row track option available in the industry.​ Visit to learn more.

  • Case IH Precision Disk 500DS Air Drill

    Seed and fertilize simultaneously with the Case IH Precision Disk™ 500DS air drill. Built with an agronomically designed row unit, this new model delivers the accuracy, versatility and productivity you need to cover more acres efficiently.

  • AFS Soil Command Agronomic Control Technology

    Case IH AFS Soil Command™ now delivers agronomic control technology to the Tiger-Mate™ 255 field cultivator, single-fold True-Tandem™ disk harrows and vertical tillage tools, and the Ecolo-Tiger® 875 disk ripper. Building on its existing seedbed sensing technology capabilities, AFS Soil Command will now help producers precisely coordinate control of their tillage equipment – right from the tractor cab.

  • Introducing AFS Soil Command Seedbed Sensing Technology

    Every seedbed has agronomic potential waiting just below the surface - you just need the right tool to find it. AFS Soil Command™ is the first seedbed monitoring technology that allows producers to measure and optimize the agronomic quality of their seedbed — right from the tractor cab. This advanced technology delivers real-time feedback from the seedbed, allowing the operator to make yield-enhancing adjustments before it is too late.

  • Bale More Acres, Faster With Case IH Round Balers

    Whether you are baling hay, cornstalks, silage or anything else, you can depend on Case IH balers to build high-quality bales more efficiently than ever. Learn more at

  • Harvest More With the Redesigned 3162 TerraFlex Draper Head

    With models from 30 to 45 feet, the latest updates to the Case IH 3162 TerraFlex™ draper head include a true flexible cutter bar, increased flotation and design improvements to enhance reliability and durability at harvest. Features such as the cam action reel, CentraCut™ Knife Drive, narrow end dividers and flexible cutter bar minimize grain loss to help you put more grain in the tank. Learn more on

  • Introducing the 2130 Early Riser® Stack-fold Planter

    Expanding the 2000 series lineup, the new 2130 Early Riser planter adds wide row spacing of 30-, 36-, 38- or 40-inch with new convenient bulk-fill and fertilizer options for accurate, high-speed planting. This new model enhances productivity for specialty operations, such as high-tech strip-till and furrow irrigation operations, and for specialty crops, including cotton, sugar beets peanuts and dry edible beans.

  • Case IH Narrow Row Corn Head

    Case IH has expanded the 4400 series corn head lineup with all-new narrow row configuration options. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the new narrow row corn head is built to match the performance of Case IH Axial-Flow® combines.

  • Introducing L10 Series Premium Loaders

    Whether you’re moving bales off the hayfield, cleaning cattle pens or loading a mixer wagon, the new L10 series premium loaders from Case IH deliver features that help you work more efficiently. Improved visibility, flow-optimized hydraulics and unmatched durability make it easy to get work done.

  • Case IH on RFD-TV: The Future of Automation and Precision Farming

    Join Mark Oppold and experts from Case IH on Rural America Live as they discuss the future of automation and precision farming. Learn more on our site: This episode of Rural America Live was originally aired on March 26, 2018. This is the final of three segments.

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